Department of Computer Science and Informatics

In a world of technology consumers, what we really need are more technology leaders.

Nearly everyone these days is comfortable performing basic daily tasks with technology—sending a text, downloading a song, researching and writing a class paper. Far fewer people understand the complex logical arguments, programming, applications, and systems that make those tasks possible.

That’s the value of a computer science education.

At the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, we offer a diverse curriculum where students learn about high-performance computing, networks, databases, robotics, and programming languages. You’ll also work side by side with leading technology researchers on real-world projects that will fundamentally transform the way future technologists write code, protect sensitive data, design apps, and process information. That in turn will shape how people will work and live for decades to come.

Just imagine—while your friends are still trying to figure out their new smart phones, you’ll be quietly changing the world. Awesome.