Director's Team

  • Christian McKayChristian McKay
    Director, SICE 3D Fabrication and Design Inquiry Labs
    The Director of SICE 3D Fabrication and Design Inquiry Labs shapes and maintains the maker fabrication spaces to best serve the School's mission to excel and lead in education, research, and outreach. Our work spans and integrates the full breadth of computing and information technology, including the scientific and technical core, a broad range of applications, and human and societal issues and implications.
    Christian has an M.F.A. from California College of the Arts and conducts educational research at the intersections of design, craft, and technology in K-12 and higher academic makerspaces with numerous publications and presentations on the subject. Christian’s research has focused on the affordances of design processes inherent in physical computing and the positive learning impacts on students whose experiences are guided through hands-on prototyping activities in makerspaces.

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