SICE Makerspaces

The 3D Fabrication and Design Inquiry Labs at the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering function as a rich network of design, digital inquiry, and physical computing development environments for students, faculty, and staff where learning experiences are engaged through hands-on activities.

SICE digital fabrication spaces additionally serve as centers for STEM-oriented education outreach and community partnership building, as well as robust facilities to support the School’s research efforts.

With their wide array of digital fabrication machining processes, SICE 3D Fabrication and Design Inquiry Labs are core to the School’s mission to excel and lead in education, research, and outreach spanning and integrating the full breadth of computing and information technology, including the scientific and technical core, a broad range of applications, and human and societal issues and implications.

Please visit our individual makerspace websites to learn more about how you can get in and start making.

For questions about these spaces, please contact us.