Computer Accounts

What accounts will I need?

You will need an IU network ID so you can use email, One.IU, Canvas, and various central IU systems. 

How do I get my accounts?

After you have registered for classes, you can access the online Account Management Service (AMS) from any computer with an internet connection to create your Network ID and ADS Domain account.  The entire process takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Detailed instructions are available via the Knowledge Base.

School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering Linux systems

Linux systems are available for use via console/gui logins and remote ssh logins. This includes only the Unified Linux Systems owned and managed by the school for general use by all SICE faculty, staff, and students. 

ILS Student Accounts


Ella (ella.ils.indiana.edu) is the general web server, Iris(iris.ils.indiana.edu) is our unix shell machine. Ella/Iris provides an excellent workspace for technologies such as Java, Python, Perl, PHP, XML, XSLT, PEAR, PostgreSQL, etc.


PostgreSQL accounts are available! Please send a request to root@slis.indiana.edu; be sure to include your IU username, what the intended use is, how much space you think you will need.


Unix home directories are scheduled for backups nightly. User data on Windows desktop computers, Windows scratch drives, OS X network homes, and OS X scratch drives are not on a backup system, and the technology staff cannot retrieve, or assume responsibilty for, data lost from these locations.

Additional University Accounts

To create additional computing accounts at Indiana University, see the instructions on the UITS account pages.