Database Connections

Database Connections at ILS

ILS provides a PostgreSQL database for faculty and students. If you need an account, send a request to root@slis.indiana.edu, you must include:

  • Your name
  • Your IU Username
  • Your group members (if applicable)
  • Course or project
  • How long you need an account

Connecting from Aqua Data Studio

Aqua Data Studio is available on ILS OSX machines.

From Finder, go to Applications, select Aqua Data Studio.app

Click the new sever button
Screen shot new server

Name: Anything you like, such as 'db.ils.indiana.edu'
Type: Production
Login Name: IU Username
Password: Your database password, NOT you IU Passphrase
Host: db.ils.indiana.edu
Port: 5433
Database: IU Username
screen shot register server

Select the Advanced Tab
Driver Param: ?ssl=true
screen shot advanced tab

Find your Database!
screen shot ADS user list

Using phpPgAdmin

Usable from any modern browser, anywhere!

Screen shot phpPGAdmin index page

Click "PostgreSQL on the left, enter your IU Username and ILS database password, NOT you IU Passphrase.
Find your database!
Screen shot PPA database list