Bin Chen

Making Social and Chemical Connections

Program:Ph.D. in Informatics, Cheminformatics track

Hometown:Chongqing, China

Coolest Project So Far:My recent project is chem2bio2rdf (chem2bio2rdf.org). It aims to integrate and mine data related to systems chemical biology using the semantic web.

Bin Chen chose the cheminformatics track of the Ph.D. in Informatics at IU because it is the only program in the United States offering a range of formal qualifications in the field. If you like cheminformatics, he says, this is the right program. He also likes living in Bloomington because it is “beautiful and quiet.”

In the past two years, he has completed two internships (one at Novartis and one at Pfizer) and he plans to return for another internship at Pfizer. “At Novartis, I exploited systems chemical biology to find pathways involved in adverse drug reactions. The second one was at Pfizer, where I visualized compound ADME landscape and built ADME Predictive Model Performance Tracking Systems.”

“The internship programs not only provided the opportunity to learn the whole process of drug discovery, but also allowed me to study the hot research topic in the industry,” Bin says. “And, of course, I can publish some papers and build some social connections. I will be bringing my recent project chem2bio2rdf to my internship at Pfizer this summer. This project was first formulated when I was working at Pfizer last summer, then I came back school to implement it with other faculty and colleagues. I’ll now take the results back to Pfizer and further develop with other scientists there.”

In addition to the prestige of the cheminformatics program, Bin was drawn to the multidisciplinary nature of the school. He says, “The most exciting part of this program is that I can take a variety of courses and participate in projects among different areas like bioinformatics and complex systems.”

“The faculty have greatly impressed me. They are very nice and have a broad knowledge in their area,” says Bin.