Anna Eilering

Serving Up New Career Options

Major: Computer Science specializing in Artificial Intelligence

Most sage advice: Go for it, make it happen. Don’t wait for that opportunity to fall into your lap.

From appetizers to artificial intelligence, Anna Eilering’s journey to SoIC has been anything but ordinary. 

“I was a chef here in Bloomington for seven years and finally found the strength to try going back to college to get a degree in computer science. Being a nontraditional student is challenging at times, but there is a huge amount of great resources here at IU,” she says.

Anna says she always knew she wanted to go back to school in order to work with computers but wasn’t sure it was possible until she found out about the School of Informatics and Computing.

“I found out about SoIC and was amazed at the professors that teach here. The School has a great placement rate for graduates, great support for students interested in graduate school, and some top notch researchers,” she says. “I like how accessible all the instructors are – in every class I've taken, the instructors are always willing to meet outside of class to give me help or advice.”

Eilering is helping to restart the IU Robotics Club. She is also an officer in the Computer Science Club and an undergraduate researcher in the Intelligent Motion Lab on campus. Anna served as an intern in the Summer Research Opportunities in Computing program and has had her research published twice as an undergraduate.

“Computer science is in every part of our lives, in ways that often we don't even realize. Learning and working in computer science can lead you to help change the world for the better,” she says, advising prospective students to get involved in informatics, computer science, or robotics. “It's people making, testing, and expanding systems to make our lives better.”