Saleh ElHattab

Majors: Computer Science and Math

Certificate: Business

Minor: Spanish

Favorite aspect of his studies: Problem solving associated with computer science

Saleh ElHattab never let lack of experience scare him away from trying something. A computer science major that had never typed a line of code before taking an introductory computer science course, he says, “I had an exceptional experience experimenting with the introductory computer science course on account of both the subject matter and my professor. As I continued through the School’s course offerings, I became entrenched in the problem solving of computer science.”

Saleh is chief of technology for the Indiana University Student Association (IUSA); an undergraduate instructor for C211, introduction to computer science; a member of the Muslim Student Union; and a participant in many intramural soccer seasons. He participated in the Kelley Investment Management Workshop and wants to find a fulfilling career at the intersection of technology and business, citing tech entrepreneurship as a possibility.

He interned with DeveloperTown, a venture technology firm in Indianapolis, one summer; interned with ExactTarget, a Salesforce technical marketing company, the next summer; and is headed to San Francisco to intern with Salesforce this summer. “The best thing about my internships is that they provided me with real-world experience that is not easily replicated inside a classroom,” he says.

Saleh is studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain, this semester. He’s wrapping up his general education requirements, developing Spanish fluency, and serving an internship with a non-profit company.

As technology becomes more prominent in our society, Saleh believes it beneficial for anyone to familiarize themselves with the fields of informatics and computing.