Graham Pedersen

Familiarity Breeds Success

Major: Computer Science

Minors: Informatics

Career Goal: Information Architect

The small school community environment cultivated by the School of Informatics and Computing has played an important role in Graham Pedersen’s success. “I feel like I’ve meet and talked with a good portion of the faculty to the point where I feel at home being in the labs and buildings of the School,” he says. “It means a lot to me to be able to tell people that at one point I knew half of the students in my degree.”

Graham chose SoIC because he knew it would allow him the chance to explore a wide variety of computer science topics while maintaining a specific interest. He is involved in the Computer Science ClubSoIC Ambassadors, the Robot Interaction Lab, and was the Microsoft Student Partner for IU last spring. Graham plans to enter the workforce as a software developer after graduation.

Pedersen has completed three internships related to his field of study. He worked as an IT project manager / associate at GE in Milwaukee, WI; a front-end software engineer at Cerner in Kansas City, MO; and as a web developer for the ServeIT clinic on campus. “The best things about each internship would have to be the people. The variety of connections that I was able to make have already helped me get better job offers at different places, along with more knowledge about career paths than I previously was able to find myself. It’s been invaluable to meet and connect with so many cool people,” he says.

In the small amount of free time that he does have, Graham enjoys playing bass guitar, video games, and writing software. “I enjoy working out both my brain and my body as well as motivating others to achieve success,” he says.