Steven Gehrig

Major: B.S. in Computer Science, 2015

Career: Information Technology Leadership Program, General Electric

Advice: Start early, and take care of the details.

Who you know can sometimes be just as important as what you know, especially when you’re embarking on a career.

Steven Gehrig certainly knew the right people.

Gehrig was always a computer guy. His dad introduced him to games when he was young, and he was hooked. It allowed him to escape to fantastic worlds, and he loved the technical aspect of computers. By the time he was 10, he was tinkering with computers and learning what made them tick.

When high school was drawing to an end, Gehrig knew he was interested in technology, engineering, and business, and he was leaning a bit more toward the business side of things. Thanks to the reputation of both the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering and the Kelley School of Business, Gehrig decided to come to IU and make a decision about his future once he was on campus.

His love of technology eventually won out, and he enrolled in SICE in the computer science program. It didn’t take long for him to start to think a bit more about his future, especially when he started receiving emails from the Career Services office.

“They are very good about making themselves known,” Gehrig says. “I took their advice to begin developing my resume early. That’s how I first came in contact with them.”

Gehrig knew a little something about meeting high standards. He spent time in both high school and college as a patent illustrator, following in his mother’s footsteps, and the stringent requirements of that kind of work had been drilled into him. He saw some of the same comforting level of detail in his school work, and Career Services help him reach a high standard when it came to his resume.

“They hold interview prep meetings and resume critiques, and those two services combined really help you prepare for interviews because you know what is expected as well as what is expected on a resume,” Gehrig says.

“Those were two key points that helped students find a career.”

His willingness to get involved also put Gehrig in the right place at the right time. During his junior year, Gehrig helped set up the annual Career Fair, and that led to a chance meeting that impacts his life to this day.

“I happened to run into some of the General Electric employees, and I helped them set up their booth,” Gehrig remembers. “I got a chance to talk to them for about 10 minutes before the Career Fair started, and that was the foot in the door.”

He spent the summer of 2014 in Atlanta as a security intern for GE Energy Management, and his work was impressive enough to earn him a full-time offer before the beginning of his senior year.

“My current role is in the ITLP, which is the Information Technology Leadership Program,” says Gehrig who graduated in May 2015. “It’s a six-month rotational program where we work in different places geographically, and functionally, we switch jobs within IT. It can be networking, software development, security, any function. It builds a lot of experience, and you get to see all the functions of IT.”

Gehrig credits Career Services with allowing him to nab the internship. It wasn’t just because he was in the right place at the right time. It was because he was in the right place at the right time—and well-prepared to present himself.

Gehrig was always impressed with the depth and breadth of relationships the Career Services office enjoys with companies, and he stresses that students need to take advantage of the opportunities that are provided.

“Career Services is in contact more than you think with employers and recruiters,” Gehrig says. “They can really help you get to know recruiters or introduce you to an opportunity you didn’t know existed. Start early, make sure you take their advice, and start preparing early for Career Fairs and your career search. If you do your part, if you take their guidance to heart, you won’t be disappointed.”