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Veldez Joshua

Searching for Security

Program: M.S. in Secure Computing

Hometown: Peoria, IL

Advice for Undergrads: Be open to different styles to build perspectives.


Veldez Joshua is working hard now so he can give a lot back later. He plans to use his degree in security information to ultimately develop computer science summer camps and scholarships for underrepresented communities.

The ever-changing topics and trends in the cyber security industry make Veldez’s studies interesting and rewarding, affirming SoIC as the right decision for him. 

“My professors do a great job of keeping us abreast of the new advancements.,” says Veldez. “I chose the School of Informatics and Computing because I knew I would be receiving a great education from them.”

In order to accomplish his goals, Veldez plans to move back home to the Washington D.C. area to work for the United States government. He says the rigor of the Master’s program has given him a good grasp of computer security regarding issues policies, and programming, and advises any potential students to be open to various teaching styles because they can all provide valuable perspectives.