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Sam Parsons '12, B.S. in Informatics

Sam Parsons headshot

"While enrolled at the SoIC I was constantly amazed at the amount of opportunities I had to grow as a person and professional. I will always be grateful for those experiences. They have jump-started my career, and without them, and the people organizing them, I wouldn't be where I am today. I want current students to have the same (or more) opportunities. I support SoIC students because I’m extremely proud of our school and students, but more importantly, it keeps me connected to my SoIC family."

Maryam Fakouri '03, M.L.S.

Maryam Fakouri headshot"I give to IU's Department of Informatics and Library Science because I want this strong program to be even stronger. I want Indiana to be at the forefront of information science, and continue to prepare graduates for a wide range of possibilities."

Tom Sparrenberger '06, M.I.S.

Tom Sparrenberger

"What better way to ensure a prosperous future for the School of Informatics and Computing than giving back financially. With all the school has done in my life and career, it's the least I can do to show my gratitude. The best and brightest of tomorrow are strengthened by these financial gifts and it's an amazing feeling to do so."