Jean and Joyce Bevins

Jean and Joyce Blevins
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Jean and Joyce Bevins are perfect examples of the students we nurture in the Department of Information and Library Science. Jean and Joyce are twins from Philadelphia and in their second year of the M.I.S. program. As undergraduates in North Carolina, Indiana University was not on their mind for graduate school. However, through a unique institutional partnership, Jean and Joyce had the chance to visit IU the summer after their first-year to conduct research alongside faculty in the School of Informatics and Computing. Jean and Joyce fell in love with IU - the resources, faculty, graduate programs, and Bloomington. They came back for three summers and then applied to the M.I.S. program.

The sisters excel both inside and outside of the classroom. Earlier this year, their video submission to the Campus MovieFst won the Elfenworks Social Justice Award from among nearly 1,000 submissions. Their film, 'Systematic Living,' was shown in Hollywood and on U.S. Virgin American Airlines. Jean and Joyce have lent their talents to the School producing videos to help undergraduate students prepare for the Career Fair and diversity training resources for student instructions. You can view more of their work at eliluproductions.com.

Stories like Jean's and Joyce's are what should give you confidence in giving. The School has been committed preparing information and library professionals since it's founding. Our School teaches the foundational technical skills, and also provides the resources for young leaders that the theories learned in the classroom and apply to any discipline.

When giving through IU, you are investing in things that matter - educational access, diversity in the workplace, research, and economic development.

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