Fred Luddy: Naming Donor

"This is a building where the future of the world is going to be crafted." - Fred Luddy

A leader and pioneer of information technology products, Fred Luddy has created programs and systems that are used by thousands of corporations and millions of people worldwide.

Fred Luddy

Fred currently serves as chief product officer of ServiceNow, a company he founded in 2004. He previously served as president and chief executive officer of the company and has been a director since its founding.

During his career, Fred has created a competitive operating system for IBM's mainframe offering, a set of performance-management improvements for the IBM mainframe environment, a PC videoconferencing and collaboration system, and a UNIX/LINUX-based application development environment.

He is particularly grateful to IU and Dean Edward Whalen in the University Budget Office who gave him his first programming job as a first-year student in the early 1970's. As Fred says, "I was in heaven. I worked every hour I could stay awake. Not only did Ed Whalen let me work in my deepest passion, but he also made me believe in myself - that led to over forty years of programming bliss, for which I am forever thankful."

The new building will be named Luddy Hall in recognition of the gift and in honor of the many IU alumni in the Luddy family, including Fred's mother, father, sister and two brothers.