Luddy Hall


The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering has emerged as a leader in Indiana for computing and information technology education, research, and economic development. SICE’s graduates are the human capital essential in today’s tech-driven society, and the School’s success has led to explosive growth during the past five years. This growth has put extreme pressure on the School’s facilities, with both teaching and research space stretched beyond their limits.

The School seeks to provide a cohesive culture that enables the full integration of its curricular and research program across computer science, informatics, and information and library science, and emphasizes a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. It also creates space for our newest department, intelligent systems engineering. This cohesion will be made possible with Luddy Hall. The building will unify our students and faculty, who are now spread across several buildings around campus.

The themes that characterize the building design are collaboration, community, sociability, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Luddy will be a teaching and research hub for students and faculty in the school. In addition to providing teaching and research spaces, the building provides an innovation center supporting entrepreneurship, a community center devoted to the school’s diversity programs, and common spaces to draw in the community as well as serve the building’s occupants.

The dedicated site for Luddy Hall is north of the School’s current complex on Woodlawn Avenue. The building is a noteworthy and historic addition to campus as the first building brought to life in IU’s master plan for a Woodlawn corridor that extends from the campus north to the athletic facilities. We will be the cornerstone of IU's newest and most significant campus development.

Two notable firms—Indianapolis-based RATIO Architects and their national partner, Pelli Clarke Pelli—have masterfully designed this statement building.

Generous, visionary philanthropic support will make this project a reality. Donor naming opportunities are available.