Spring 2019 Career Fair

Spring 2019 Career Fair

Date: Thursday, January 24, 2019
Location: Monroe Convention Center
Time: 11:00am-4:00pm

Check back to learn more about employers attending the Spring Career Fair! 

Using your time efficiently and wisely at any career fair is the key to success. To make the most of Career Fair, you must be prepared and organized. Otherwise, you may lose the opportunity to make a positive first impression or find out critical information. Consider your time at the Career Fair to be an interview time, and come prepared for it.

How to Prepare

  • Research: Review the list of organizations that will be attending the fair. This is available in SICE Careers and on the SICE website. Research the employers that are of interest to you by visiting their websites. Come prepared with questions to ask the representatives.
  • Strategize: Prepare a strategy for working the fair. Prioritize employers with whom you would like to speak, identify the information that you would like to get from them, and specify the goals you hope to achieve by attending the fair. Don’t speak with your favorite employers first – take time to get used to navigating the fair before you talk with them.
  • Resumes: Print an adequate supply of resumes on quality resume paper. Bring at least 15 copies.
  • Attire: Plan to dress in professional business attire – a full suit or suit alternative. Jeans, sweatpants, leggings, tennis shoes, flip flops, and other casual attire are not appropriate and will not be allowed in.
  • Practice: Practice answering some general interview questions and prepare questions that you would like to ask the employers based on your research and your current career goals.

See the Career Search Guide (p. 12 & 13) for more information about how to best prepare and what to expect from a Career Fair.