Get an Internship

Working as an intern is one of the smartest things you can do to improve your chances of finding a job that makes you happy once you graduate. As an intern, you’ll discover:
  • Whether you prefer working in a large organization or a small start-up
  • What type of work you prefer—for instance, the solitary focus of programming versus coordinating the efforts of many team members as a project manager
  • How your classroom experiences, from team projects to specific technical skills, translate to a real-world work environment
  • How customers respond to real products and services
It’s a good idea to start interning as early as the summer following your sophomore year. Finding an internship is similar to searching for a full-time job—you’ll need to put together a resume and interview with recruiters.

You can explore and apply for internships at our career fairs and other on-campus recruiting events. You can also complete an internship for credit or as part of your informatics capstone project. Talk to a Career Services advisor to investigate your internship options.