Role of the Student's Adviser

It is important for the student's adviser to give guidance and recommendation as to when and where the internship should take place. The adviser is expected to help judge the adequacy of the student's academic and skill background for the internship. Normally, at least 18 credits should be completed prior to the internship. Those courses which are core or required for the masters degree should be completed at a grade point average of B or better. Courses which are directly relevant to the internship should also be completed. Thus, it is normal that the student enroll in the internship experience during his or her final semester.

The internship is intended to provide some practical application of skills, and also for students to come as close as possible to "entry level" experiences for positions similar to that held by the supervisor. The internship should involve a wide variety of tasks, problems, opportunities, observations, and challenges. It is never to be a clerical or a routine experience. A special project may be established by the supervisor which may consume a great deal of the student's time, but this one project should not comprise the entire internship experience.

In most cases, the student will be expected to have completed at least 18 graduate hours toward either the MLS or the MIS prior to entering an internship. Students may be expected to have completed several specific courses relevant to the internship prior to beginning their duties.