Internship Supervisors

  1. Institutions interested in providing an internship on a regular basis should negotiate a written job description with the student. This description should include specific tasks to be performed, expected entry level skills, normal scheduled hours, supervisor's name and position, and location of the internship.
  2. Job descriptions may be revised to meet various skills of individual interns and demands of the institution, but specific tasks must be agreed on before an intern is placed.
  3. Interns are expected to meet reasonable dress code and time schedule requirements as determined by the institution.
  4. Institutions may release an intern before the end of a semester's experience, or an intern may terminate the position with an institution before the end of the semester. In either case, due process will include first   establishing a conference among the intern, the supervisor, and the coordinator of internships for ILS. Resolution of problems should come from this meeting, but should the problems continue in the opinion of any of the parties involved, the internship can be terminated.
  5. Typical areas of responsibility for interns include (under the guidance of an on-site supervisor):
  • Development and/or management of database
  • Classification and organization of materials and data, including indexing and abstracting
  • Preservation of materials
  • Provision of reference services and bibliographic instruction
  • Programming of activities for specific groups (children and young adult reading and storytelling activities; outreach to business groups or retired individuals; information assistance to individuals with a  disability)
  • Developing means for presentation of information, electronically or in print.
  • Conducting information and communication audits
  • Undertaking analysis and design of information systems     
  • Development or refinement of Web sites

A salary for the intern is not required (but encouraged)

  1. The paid intern should be compensated for his or her work at least 25% above the minimum wage level. Interns are not expected to receive benefits.
  2. Normally, the intern is paid on a bi-weekly basis.
  3. Individuals who agree to supervise an intern will not receive any form of compensation for such service from Indiana University or the Department of Information and Library Science.
  1. The employing institution is expected to provide a supervisor for the intern. Supervisors normally hold an advanced degree and have several years of successful experience in their professional positions.
  2. The supervisor is expected to determine the role of the intern and the specific tasks to be accomplished. The supervisor should contact the ILS coordinator of internships if problems arise with the intern's placement. The supervisor is expected to furnish evaluations of the intern at the end of the semester: the first being a performance review conducted with the intern (not to be turned in to the department), and the second, a program review submitted directly to the ILS Experiential Learning Coordinator: Michelle Dunbar-Sims at midunbar@indiana.edu.

Performance Review of Intern

ILS Internship Program Assessment