ILS Internships

Z605 Internship in Information and Library Services:

ILS Internships allow students in the master's and specialist degree programs to work in real world settings, guided by knowledgeable, experienced, and successful supervisors. Internships help in exploring career options and provide potential employers a valuable perspective on a student's interests and experience. ILS maintains a list of internship placements for which we have been contacted by the potential supervisors.

Z605 - Internship in Information Library Services is offered for variable credit. Each academic credit hour requires 60 hours of onsite work. Normally, the graduate student does not begin the internship until he or she has completed 18 ILS graduate credit hours. Specific skills or courses required for an internship are listed in the descriptions. M.L.S. students may register for 2 or 3 credits; students in dual, M.I.S., or specialist programs may complete up to 6 credits with advisor approval.

ILS Internship Coordinators:
Bloomington: Pnina Fichman