Role of the Student

The student should raise the potential for an internship with his or her academic adviser early in the planning stages for the graduate program of courses leading to the master's degree or certification. Although the internship comes at the final stages of the student's academic program, course work which will best prepare the student for an internship should be determined and completed in the academic program.

A student may explore the potential for internship placement at a specific site and discuss the possibilities with a potential supervisor. There should be no commitments made however until the internship has been negotiated by the coordinator.

During the first few weeks of the semester prior to the internship the student should contact the coordinator to discuss options for the placement. Application should be completed before mid-term of the semester prior to the expected internship experience. In most cases, supervisors will require that the student make an appointment to interview for the internship. Just as the coordinator may deny placement, a supervisor has the right to decline serving as a mentor for a student and the student may decline an offered internship placement. The goal is to secure an environment that will provide a quality internship experience for all parties involved.