Time Frames

  1. Normally, the internship is for one semester, approximately 16 weeks. The fall semester usually begins the last week of August and runs through the second week in December. The spring semester usually begins the second week in January and runs through the first week in May. The summer term usually begins the second week in May and runs through the second week in August.
  2.  The internship is a part-time position and should not exceed 20 hours per week. Normally, the internships should be equal to 8 to 12 hours of on-task activity each week of the semester. Actual schedules, however, are determined by mutual agreement between the supervisor and intern.
  3. Normally, an institution does not employ the same intern for more than one semester. This allows a greater number of students to gain the experience and does not commit the institution to long-range employment obligations. Institutions are encouraged to provide internships on an ongoing basis.
  4. Interns should be interviewed by prospective employers at least one month prior to the start of the internship. Placements will be determined no less than one week prior to the beginning of the semester of the experience.