I491 Deliverables

School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering
INFO I491 Capstone Project Internship

In order to receive academic credit for the I491 internship, each intern must complete a series of deliverables. We suggest you print this document and use it as a checklist.

During the internship

Biweelky Status Reports
Status reports must be completed and turned in via Oncourse by Monday at noon of each even-numbered week of the semester. Status reports should contain the following information:

  • How is the internship going.
  • Any questions or concerns the intern may have.
  • Any difficulties the intern may be experiencing.
  • Any changes in the terms of the internship, such as:
    • Ending date.
    • Scope or type of project is different from the contract.
    • Unexpected termination of the project.
    • Change of employer status.
    • Any other information that might be important.
  • Summary of tasks completed in prior two weeks.
  • One paragraph outlining what the student believes are the most important concepts they have learned during the past two weeks.

Two weeks before the end of the internship, students should include in their status report an outline of what will be included in the final project report.

At the end of the internship

Internship Report
I491 interns are required to write a three to five page paper summarizing their experiences during the internship. The paper should be well organized (the organization should be described in an introduction) and should:

  • Describe the structure of the employer and the intern's place in that structure.
  • Summarize the intern's accomplishments during employment.
  • Discuss the relationship between the intern's academic coursework and the internship.
  • Establish a relationship between the internship and the intern's future career goals.
  • Consider how the internship might lead to full-time employment in this company (both from the intern's perspective and that of the company).

Supervisor's Evaluation Form
The employer shall submit an evaluation of the student's performance indicating satisfactory completion of responsibilities via the SICE Careers site. The evaluation form will be sent to the listed internship supervisor via email near the end of the internship term.

Student Evaluation of Internship Form
At the completion of the internship, the student shall submit an evaluation of their internship experience via the SICE Careers site. A reminder email will be sent by the system around the date listed as the end of the internship term.

Time Log
Interns must submit a time log to demonstrate their total hours worked. The format of the time log is up to the intern. Any format works as long as it can easily be interpreted by School of Informatics and Computing representatives to determine the actual number of hours worked by the student.

Learning Outcome Report
I491 Capstone interns must write a paper that describes substantial technology-based tasks that were completed as part of the internship. The paper should be professional in both form and content and should be 3,000-4,000 words in length.

The paper should be comprised of two parts:

  1. A high-level overview of the major projects the intern worked on during the internship. This should be approximately 1000 words and provide more detail than the internship report while staying at a fairly high level.
  2. Reflections on what the intern learned over the course of the internship. The intern should reflect on the included learning objectives, and choose two from each category. The intern will then write very specifically about how each of those learning objectives was addressed in the internship. The intern should cite specific examples from their work and only choose learning objectives where learning happened above and beyond any skills developed through their IU curriculum. This parts should be approximately 2,000-3,000 words.


For summer interns all end-of-internship deliverables must be turned by September 30 or 30 days following the end of the internship, whichever is later. For all fall and spring internships, deliverables must be turned within 30 days of the conclusion of the internship. Grades will be lowered by one letter grade increment for every week that passes beyond the deadline.

To receive a grade for the summer term, materials must be submitted by Friday of the 5th week of 2nd summer session (8 days before graduation). If the deadline is not met, students will receive a "deferred" (R) grade for the term. After materials have been submitted and graded, the "deferred" will then be changed to the actual grade earned.


Submit the papers and time log to the appropriate assignment for the I491 course on Oncourse. The evaluations will be submitted via the SICE Careers site and an email reminder will be sent out to interns and supervisors prior to the end of the internship.


I491 internships are graded on a letter (A, A-, B+, etc) scale basis. The final grade is based primarily on the two final papers. As this course is an academic activity, the internship will be graded according to academic standards. Roughly one half of the grade will be based on the writing of the reports, the other half on content of the reports. This reflects the statement "English is our most important professional tool, use it with precision." The first edition of William Strunk's excellent writing guide, The Elements of Style, is a great reference for issues such as knowing when to use "that" and when to use "which" in a modifying clause. 

Failure to turn in acceptable biweekly status reports will reduce the final grade, as will a poor employer evaluation.