International Student Resources

Employment in the U.S. is not guaranteed or promised to foreign nationals entering the country on a student visa. However, the first step in a successful job search is to understand the U.S. job search process. You may be inclined to proceed as you would if you were conducting a search in your home country, but different cultures have different expectations, and you must become aware of the typical job search strategies, tendencies, and commonalities in the United States.

Some of these differences include: self-promotion, preparation and organization, and effective letters of application and resumes. For a greater list of potential cultural differences, be sure to read the Job Search Guide.

Job and Internship Search Resources

The following resources include information specific to the unique concerns that international students face when searching for a job or internship in the US:

  1. Attend Career Fairs and Employer Info Sessions 
    The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering hosts one career fair and multiple employer information sessions each semester, and each event is a great opportunity to begin interacting directly with employers.
  1. Refine Your Communication, Interpersonal Skills
    Strong English language skills, non-verbal communication skills and interpersonal skills are all crucial for international students who wish to work and succeed in the US. Make an effort to refine your English language skills, both written and verbal, so you can be successful in your search, have rewarding experiences at IU and in the US workplace.
  1. Research International Employee Friendly Employers
    Be intentional about your job or internship search by researching which companies are open to hiring international employees. Review the list of employers who have attended past Career Fairs for a sample of employers who have recruited international students specifically from SICE.
  1. U.S. Style Application Documents: Resume & Cover Letter
    Review how to write a U.S. style resume and cover letter and make sure to get feedback from Career Services to ensure that your resume and cover letter meet the employers’ standards.
  1. Become Confident with Interviewing
    Review the interview prep page and the Career Search Guide to better prepare for interviews and understand what to expect. Sign up for a mock interview with Career Services to practice common interview questions and to receive constructive feedback.
  1. Understand Your Off-Campus Work Authorization and Employment Visa Options
    When searching for off-campus employment in the US, it is essential for international students to understand when and how they can start working off campus. Students should also be able to articulate their student visa work authorization options and their employment visa options for those employers who may not be as experienced in hiring international employees.

For more information about visas, etc., visit the Office of International Services. Learn more about IU's Immigration Bridge program.

  1. Get Involved 
    In addition to formal internships and job experiences, U.S. employers value students with extracurricular activities and leadership experiences. Look for ways to get involved in community groups in and around SICE and IU.
  1. Search Broadly
    A job search will be more challenging if you limit your search to only well-known companies or only certain geographic regions. Consider applying for positions both in the U.S. and in your home country (or perhaps a third country too). Explore where your education and experiences can best be applied and be open to options you previously hadn’t considered!

Additional Online Resources


Passport Career provides databases containing country-specific career and employment resources including job search resources, worldwide job/internship listings, and corporate profiles. (Free access to Indiana University School of Informatics and Computing students, contact Career Services for a registration key.)


U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services provides information about student and work visas, application for citizenship, and immigration laws and regulations.


An online database of American employers for international students.


Information for international students from start to finish. Includes online chats with other international students as well as helpful hints for job searching after graduation.


International Affairs Resource- Comprehensive guide to resources, contacts, and other information relevant  to International Affairs on the Internet. Includes career-related resources and new positions.


The Foreign MBA- A leading Internet community for MBA students from all around the globe.


International Student.com was started by a group of international students living in New York City with the goal of helping other students deal with the American immigration authorities and education system.