Recruiting Guidelines

Expectations for Students Who Participate in Recruiting Activities with the School of Informatics and Computing

The School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering requires all participants in the recruiting program to conduct themselves professionally and act in good faith regarding the application, interview, and employment offer processes.  Participation in the recruiting program is a privilege, revocable without written notification.  To gain access to SoIC Careers, carefully review each of the following Career Services policies and professionalism standards.

Employment Offers
  • I will not renege (back out of my commitment) once I have accepted an offer of employment. I understand that Career Services is here to help me navigate the job and internship search process, and I will speak with a career advisor if I need help making career-related decisions and/or negotiating a job or internship offer or deadline.
    • Once I have accepted an offer of employment, I must notify Career Services within 24 hours. I must also withdraw all pending applications, cancel all scheduled interviews, and cease seeking employment or entertaining other offers of employment.
    • If I continue to interview after accepting employment, Career Services reserves the right to revoke all of my recruiting privileges indefinitely.
  • I must respond to all employment/internship offers on or before the requested deadline.
  • I am aware that some companies conduct criminal background checks and/or drug screenings and that I must contact Career Services if I have any questions or concerns about this.
  • I must only apply for positions for which I would accept an interview offer. 
  • I must accept or decline all interview offers within the window of time stated in SICE Careers.
  • Career Services does not advocate or condone the use of class time for anything other than class. I must schedule my interviews so that I will not miss class time. In cases where this is not possible, I must speak with my professor about my interviews schedule and ways to make up for any potential loss.
  • I must arrive on-time or early to all interviews I obtain through the efforts of Career Services, its job posting services and its other resources.  If an emergency prevents me from attending an interview, I must promptly notify both the potential employer and Career Services.
  • If I do not show up for a scheduled interview I must contact Career Services within 24 hours and write a letter of apology to the employer, providing a copy to Career Services so they can submit it on my behalf.  If I fail to do either of these things, my access to SICE Careers will be suspended.
  • Missing more than one interview will result in the immediate suspension of my SICE Careers account and will require me to meet with the Director of Career Services to discuss whether my privileges can be reinstated.  I will also be required to write a letter of apology to the employer.
  • Honesty and integrity throughout the recruiting and job search process reflect on my character and on the reputation of the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering.
  • I must act in a professional manner and be courteous and respectful throughout my job/internship search.
  • I must wear professionally appropriate attire to all interviews and Career Services functions and could be turned away from events if I do not.  I need to check with Career Services if I am unsure what to wear.
  • I must provide accurate and honest information on all resumes and other materials provided for the purpose of securing employment, including my SICE Careers profile.
  • If I falsify information in a resume, cover letter, application, SICE Careers profile, or other candidate documentation, my access to SICE Careers will be limited or revoked, and if I repeat this behavior more than once, I could lose access to all recruiting privileges indefinitely.
  • Email is the primary and official form of communication used by Career Services to notify me of important information regarding job postings, job fairs and events, and other career-related resources.  I must check my IU email account regularly to remain informed of all such Career Services activities.
  • I must respond to all employer communication within 48 hours.
  • I must keep all appointments with Career Services.  This includes programs and events I register for.  If a conflict arises with respect to a scheduled commitment, I must promptly notify Career Services by cancelling my appointment or program/event RSVP in SICE Careers.
  • I must provide Career Services with my employment status as requested in surveys or otherwise.
  • I will accept responsibility for my job search, career and professional development, and act with ethics and integrity in the job and career search process.

These guidelines are not all-inclusive.  They are intended to serve as a framework within which the career planning and recruitment processes should function, and as a professional standard to be observed.  If you have questions, please contact Career Services.