Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence studies the overlap between computation and cognition. It is a broad field that touches on knowledge representation and retrieval, decision-making, natural language processing, biological phenomena,and human cognition. AI research generates tools and artifacts to address problems that involve complex computational models, real-world uncertainty, computational intractability, and large volumes of data. It also uses computational methods to help us better understand the foundations of natural intelligence and social behavior.
Researchers in Artificial Intelligence at the School are interested in a large range of topics:

  • Computer vision, inferring semantic meaning from images (more»)
  • Applications of computational linguistics to the democratization of knowledge (more»)
  • Computational models of our human concepts and categories 
  • Robot motion planning and control, semiautonomous robots, and integrating perception and planning (more»)
  • Case-based reasoning, intelligent information systems, intelligent user interfaces, knowledge management, knowledge modeling, multimodal reasoning, multistrategy learning, and introspective reasoning (more»)
  • Complex systems, adaptive agents, modeling, simulation, artificial life, and complex information and social networks. The Web as a complex information network in which we leave abundant traces of our social and semantic activities (more»)
  • The evolution and analysis of dynamical nervous systems for model agents. Computational and theoretical biology, including models of metabolism, gene regulation and development (more»)
  • Musical research includes accompaniment systems, computer generated musical analysis, musical signal processing, and modeling of musical interpretation (more »)
  • Complex adaptive systems, computational intelligence, bio-inspired computing, evolutionary systems, text mining
  • Computational ecology and evolutionary trends in an information-theoretic measure of the complexity of neural structure and function

Faculty in this area include:
Randall Beer, David Crandall, Hamid Ekbia, Nathan Ensmenger, Eleftherios Garyfallidis, Michael Gasser, Andrew Hanson, Roni Khardon, Minje Kim, David Leake, Lantao Liu, Filippo Menczer, Christopher Raphael, Luis Rocha, Michael Ryoo, Chung-chieh Shan, Peter Todd, Martha White, Donald Williamson