Our research focus on the following serveral areas. Projects listed below each area are just some samples. Please check out the project webpages and faculty's homepage for information of more research projects.

  • Evolution and comparative genomics (e.g., evolution of gene families/gene regulation, population genomics, gene cluster analysis, mobile genetic elements)
    • PlatCom: A Platform for Computational Comparative Genomics 
    • CAFE: Computational analysis of (gene) family evolution (More)
  • Human disease (e.g., disease ontology, molecular analysis of protein diseases)
    • Indigene: Integration and Discovery in Gene Networks (More)
    • PhenoPred: a web-based tool designed to detect novel gene-disease associations in humans (More)
  • Protein bioinformatics (structural bioinformatics, automated functional annotation, protein-protein interactions, text mining)
    • CATPA: Curation and Alignment Tool for Protein Analysis (More)
  • Proteomics (computational glycomics and glycoproteomics, peptide/protein identification and quantification using mass spectrometry)
    • ProteinART: Protein Inference solutions from Proteome ARTworks (More)
    • Peptide Detectability Predictor from Proteome ARTworks (More)
    • Peptide Tandem Mass Spectrum Predictor (More)
  • Sequence analysis (string pattern matching, motif discovery, fragment assembly, RNA editing, genome alignment and segmental duplications)
    • iGibbs: Improved Gibbs Motif Sampler for Proteins by Sequence Clustering and Iterative Pattern Refinement (More)
  • Systems biology (biochemical pathways, data integration, discovery in gene/protein networks, regulatory genomics, theoretical enzymology, embryology)
  • Computational metagenomics

Faculty in this area include:
Raj Acharya, YongYeol Ahn, Ariful Azad, Maria Bondesson, Volker Brendel, Mehmet Dalkilic, Matthew Hahn, Paul Macklin, Paul Purdom, Predrag Radivojac, Luis Rocha, Cenk Sahinalp, Endre Somogyi, Haixu Tang, David Wild, Yuzhen Ye

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