Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research


The Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research (CNets) is hosted at the School of Informatics and Computing and brings together faculty from different units across campus working in the broad areas of complex networks and systems. Areas of interest in the center include network science, computational social science, computational & systems biology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data mining. The center has been initially funded by an endowment from the Lilly Foundation through the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute. Work in the center is currently funded by numerous foundations and agencies, including NSF, NIH, DARPA, IARPA, and ONR. CNets researchers are members and work in close collaboration with the Indiana University Network Science Institute.

Affiliated Faculty include:
YongYeol Ahn, Randall Beer, Johan Bollen, David Crandall, Ying Ding, Alessandro Flammini, Santo Fortunato, Eduardo Izquierdo, Filippo Menczer, Stasa Milojevic, John Paolillo, Filippo Radicchi, Luis Rocha, Peter Todd