Comparative Classification and Documentation Lab



The Comparative Classification and Documentation Lab (Com-Class), based in the Department of Information and Library Science (ILS), focuses on the importance of knowledge organization (KO)—classifications, taxonomies, metadata, ontologies, standards, etc.—and documentation practices to the production and articulation of knowledge in multiple disciplines and domains (museums, libraries, scientific communities, etc.). Documentation is understood broadly in this context to include the production of multiple modes of inscription, including data, museum specimens, visual art-pieces, and texts. Document curation is also a core concern in KO practice. By comparing different theoretical and methodological approaches, Com-Class is articulating a broader (basic and foundational) cross-disciplinary framework in which to study KO and documentation. Com-Class takes lessons learned from these inquiries and will create new, curatorial, experimental, and speculative systems that focus on the integration and synthesis of multiple information sources toward the design of more diverse and pluralistic systems catered to different cultures, communities, and institutions. Pedagogically, Com-Class supports the training and involvement of academics of all levels through research and programming on interdisciplinary projects.

Director: Robert Montoya

Affiliated Faculty include:
Ronald Day, Robert Montoya