Data Science

The data science faculty is highly active in research, with major funding and research projects in areas such as high performance computing, cloud computing, bioinformatics and complex systems. For more information, see the research page on the data science website.

Faculty in this area include:
Johan Bollen, Katy Börner, Ying Ding, Devan Donaldson, Funda Ergun, Pnina Fichman, Geoffrey Fox, Andrew Hanson, Apu Kapadia, David Leake, Xiaozhong Liu, Andrew Lumsdaine, Filippo Menczer, Staša Milojevic, Robert Montoya, Beth Plale, Judy Qiu, Filippo Radicchi, Christopher Raphael, Allen Riddell, Howard Rosenbaum, Thomas Sterling, Dirk Van Gucht, David Wild, Yuzhen Ye, Qin Zhang