Intelligent Interactive Systems

Intelligent Interactive Systems (IIS) concerns the design, fabrication and control of machines to perform tasks that have traditionally been done by human beings. Research in IIS spans a wide variety of technological and scientific endeavors. Areas of particular focus at Indiana University include mathematical and algorithmic foundations, embedded systems, software architectures, manipulation, human-robot interaction, and the foundations of embodied and social cognition.

Resources for IIS research on campus include the R-House Lab for Research on Human-Robot Systems and the IU Computer Vision Lab. A wide variety of robots, ranging from industrial manipulators to mobile robots to humanoid robots, are available on campus for both research and teaching.

Faculty in this area include:
Randall Beer, David Crandall, Susan Herring, Sameer Patil, Christopher Raphael, Luis Rocha, Michael Ryoo, Selma Sabanovic, Patrick Shih, Chen Yu

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