Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science

The research interests of faculty in Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science cover a wide spectrum of topics. One unifying principle that ties the research of faculty together is the focus on concepts that lie at the core of computing and programming. More specific examples of faculty research interests include:

  • Category theory in computer science
  • Database theory, database modeling, design and meta-theory of query and search languages
  • Machine-independent computational complexity
  • Models of information and computation
  • Non-classical and substructural logics, their computational contents and relevance to computational complexity
  • Program verification and logics of programs
  • Reasoning about uncertainty, probabilistic conditional independence structures
  • Satisfiability of Boolean formulas
  • Weighted singular value decomposition

Faculty in this area include:
Daniel Friedman, Daniel Leivant, Paul Purdom, Gregory Rawlins, Dirk Van Gucht

For more details please refer to individual member's personal webpage.

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