I526 Applied Machine Learning

Credits: 3


The main aim of the course is to provide skills to apply machine learning algorithms on real applications. We will consider fewer learning algorithms and less time on math and theory and instead spend more time on hands-on skills required for algorithms to work on a variety of data sets.  

Spring 2018

Instructor: James Shanahan
Time: Arranged
Location: Arranged
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  • Course History

      Fall 2017

      Instructor: Hasan Kurban
      Time: 1:00PM-4:00PM Tue
      Location: Swain Hall West, Room 007

      Fall 2016

      Instructor: Sriraam Natarajan
      Time: Multiple Times
      Location: Multiple Locations

      Fall 2015

      Instructor: Sriraam Natarajan
      Time: 2:30PM-3:45PM Mon, Wed
      Location: PY111

      Fall 2014

      Instructor: Sriraam Natarajan
      Time: 11:15AM-12:30PM Tue, Thu
      Location: Ballantine Hall, Room 344