I548 Introduction to Music Informatics

Credits: 3

History, issues, and applications in music information technology. Survey of various types of musical information. Introduction to digital musical media, including data standards and processing; database structure and organization standards and processing; database structure and organization of audio-, score-, and text file objects; and discussion of copyright issues.

  • Course History

      Spring 2011

      Instructor: Eric Nichols
      Time: 1:00PM-2:15PM Tue, Thu
      Location: Informatics West, Room 105
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      Supplementary Description: This course introduces the subject of music informatics. The boundaries of this cross-disciplinary field are hard to define – broadly speaking, it includes most applications of computing technology to the study and performance of music. This course presents a collection of topics of current relevance to researchers in the field: analysis of music represented as audio (e.g. CDs and MP3s) or symbolically (e.g. MIDI files and sheet music), higher-order problems such as music recommendation, and finally music cognition. Students will prepare a final project on a topic of personal interest.