Information and Library Science

Z519 Information Analytics

Credits: 3

Theoretical and practical exploration of issues surrounding contemporary information systems. A specific focus will be on evaluating information systems from the user perspective. This approach will cut across disciplinary frameworks: behavioral, cognitive, and social sciences. It will also cover multiple research methods: online surveys, sense-making, critical incident, and network analysis.

Spring 2019

Instructor: Younei Soe
Time: 1:00PM-2:15PM Mon, Wed
Location: Informatics West, Room 232

  • Course History

      Spring 2018

      Instructor: Younei Soe
      Time: 1:00PM-3:45PM Wed
      Location: IF0117

      Fall 2016

      Instructor: Stasa Milojevic
      Time: 9:30AM-12:15PM Mon
      Location: LI030

      Spring 2016

      Instructor: Stasa Milojevic
      Time: 1:00PM-3:45PM Mon
      Location: LI002
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      Supplementary Description: We live in an information-rich world. The information is often presented as numbers, graphs and charts. In order to make decisions you need to be able to interpret those. In addition. there is an increased need to be able to present information using statistics and figures. To help you with these tasks this course provides an introduction to collecting, analyzing, displaying and understanding data. The topics covered include the basics of sampling, statistics, probability, and reading and creating charts, graphs, and tables.

      Spring 2015

      Instructor: Ying Ding
      Time: 9:30AM-12:15PM Tue
      Location: LI002
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