Residential M.S.


The residential program provides physical access to the School's world-class faculty, opportunities to participate in cutting-edge research, and immersion in the vibrant Bloomington campus.

How to Apply


Online Application

To apply to the Residential Program in Data Science, you will need to complete and submit an online application. The application fee for domestic students is $55 while the fee for international students is $65. Please select "Data Science MS" as your Academic Program.

Statement of Purpose

Upload your Statement of Purpose as a PDF with your online application. Please be sure to note at the top of your statement: M.S. in Data Science - Personal Statement. Your statement can be submitted only once. It should be a minimum of 500 words and clearly explain your background in a relevant undergraduate or graduate major and the reasons you wish to pursue the degree. Please be concise, authentic, and sincere - your statement will be evaluated by the Data Science Program Curriculum Committee for anticipated success, as well as preparation and fit. Please indicate if you seek to begin the program as an online or as a residential student, and if you plan to explore the hybrid (part online/part residential) option in the future.


Upload your résumé/CV as a PDF with your online application. Résumés/CV's can be submitted only once.

Letters of Recommendation

We require three (3) letters of recommendation. Recommendations should be from academic and/or professional references who can attest to your abilities, accomplishments, strengths, knowledge, and experience. If you have experience as a teaching assistant, you may want to consider asking your teaching supervisor to write a recommendation on your behalf.

Transcripts and Degree Certifications

Upload scanned copies of your transcript(s) and degree certification(s) with your online application or send a scanned copy of your transcript(s) and degree certification(s) as an attachment to

NOTE: If you are admitted to our program, you will be required to have the registrar or record-keeping official from each institution at which your previous work was completed send us your official transcripts and degree certifications. Our mailing address is:

Data Science Admissions
School of Informatics and Computing
Indiana University
711 N. Park Ave
Bloomington, IN 47408 USA

We do not accept WES or any other third-party evaluation service as official transcripts. If an applicant submits a WES evaluation, we will view those documents as unofficial scans, and the applicant will be required to provide official transcripts should they enroll in the Data Science Program.

GRE Scores

All applicants for the Data Science program must submit official GRE scores, and those official scores must be sent directly to Indiana University. Our School code is 1324. GRE Scores are good for five years from the date of the exam.

If you have an ETS score sheet, you can scan it and send it as an attachment to We can consider those scores as unofficial scores until the official scores arrive.

We take a very holistic approach to reviewing applications. As such we do not have specific minimum admission requirements that students must meet to qualify for the program. While we do not have minimum requirements for the GRE, we do generally look for scores around Q-160, V-153, and AQ-4.0.

TOEFL Scores (for international students)

The TOEFL measures English proficiency and international applicants are required to submit official TOEFL scores. TOEFL scores are valid for two years from the date of the exam. Official TOEFL  scores must be sent directly to Indiana University using our School code - 1324. We expect a minimum of 100. If you have an ETS score sheet, scan and send it as an attachment to which can be used as unofficial scores until the official scores arrive. If you are an international applicant and have completed a degree from a U.S. college/university, the TOEFL requirement will be waived.

NOTE: Effective August 1, 2016, Data Science no longer accepts IELTS scores.