M.S. Online

Deadline: April 5, 2019

Domestic Application Fee: $55.00           
International Application Fee: $65.00

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Before Applying

It is the applicant’s responsibility to act with honesty and integrity, and be responsible and accountable for all actions throughout the admissions process. Once an applicant submits an application, he or she is formally agreeing to adhere to all deadlines and instructions set by the Data Science Program. If at any time it is discovered that false information, omissions, and/or misstatements are made on the application, your consideration could be revoked.

Additionally, all documentation submitted in support of a Data Science application becomes the property of Indiana University. This means documentation is non-returnable, forwarded, copied, or released to the student or to a third-party.

Note: It is highly recommended that an applicant submit their application and supporting materials one month prior to the deadline to expedite admission decisions.

Application Requirements

For admissions consideration, you will need to submit the following:

  1. Online Application (e-App)
  2. Recommendations
  3. Personal Statement
  4. CV or Resume
  5. Academic Records
  6. Test Scores

Please do not send additional materials (e.g. photographs, passports, videos, CDs, or portfolios). These items are not reviewed during the admissions process.

Application Instructions

  • Create an Online Graduate and Professional Admissions Application (e-App)

    Within the e-App, please select “Data Science” as your Academic Program and "Data Science MS (Online)" as your Academic Plan.

  • Recommendations

    You will be required to provide contact information for three (3) individuals who have agreed to provide a recommendation to support your application. Please provide that information under the “Department Information” tab on the online application (e-App). 

    Your recommenders will receive an electronic request to write their letter AFTER you have submitted your online application. Be sure to submit your application well in advance of the application deadline, in order to give your recommenders time to get their letters submitted.

    It is highly encouraged that letters of recommendation be from academics. If you have been away from academics for a significant amount of time, you may substitute with professional references. Select recommenders who can attest to your abilities, accomplishments, strengths, and experience.

  • Upload a CV or Resume

    Your CV/Resume should be uploaded in PDF format under the “Department Information” tab on your online application (e-App).

    Please include information about your education, employment, achievements, publications, and awards. This information will help the admissions committee better understand your background.

  • Upload a Personal Statement

    Your Personal Statement should be uploaded in PDF format under the “Department Information” tab on your online application (e-App). 

    Please ensure your statement indicates: Online M.S. in Data Science - Personal Statement. Generally, this statement is between 1-1.5 pages and clearly explains your academic background as it relates to the field of Data Science, career goals, and overall aspirations for applying to this specific program.

  • Pay the Application Fee

    The online application fee must be paid via credit card ($55 Domestic, $65 International) and is non-refundable. Applicants whom have trouble with their payment should call (812) 855-8853 or email grdschl@indiana.edu for more information. 

    After successful submission of your online application (e-App), it will take three (3) business days for our office to receive your application.

  • Submit Unofficial Academic Records

    On the online application (e-App), applicants must list each institution of post-secondary education from which they have earned credit. 

    You are required to send unofficial academic records in PDF format to the Data Science Graduate Office via email at datasci@indiana.edu. When providing these records, please include your full name and IU application number in the body of the email.

    Do not provide password-protected transcripts, as the Admissions Committee cannot review them. All academic records must list the intuitional name, all titles of courses and examinations the student completed, the grades or marks earned, dates attended, and any degree or diploma earned.

    International Records: Because it can take a substantial amount of time to obtain records from schools outside the United States, applicants should have legible photocopies of their official international consolidated transcripts and degrees. We will accept some provisional degrees.This does not include exam certifications. 

    NOTE: If admitted and elect to attend the program, official academic records or attested copies certified by the registrar from the degree-granting institution must be received by Indiana University no later than September 1st. It is the student’s responsibility to familiarize themselves with the Transcript Retention Policy before electing to attend Indiana University.

  • Request Official Test Scores

    The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) general aptitude tests (Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical) are required for admission. Applicants should have official GRE scores sent via ETS directly to Indiana University (Code: 1324, Department Code: All Programs). Tests must be taken no more than five (5) years prior to the start of the intended academic term.

    We do not accept GMAT as sufficient evidence of an applicant’s comprehensive and analytic skills.

    If an applicant feels their quantitative or technical background is exceptionally strong, a GRE waiver is available. In order to be considered for a waiver, an applicant must possess all of the following minimum criteria:

    • A cumulative undergraduate or graduate GPA of at least 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale)
    • Academic or industry knowledge of various programming languages (such as Python, Java, C++, SQL, and R) and mathematical principles (such as discrete mathematics, linear algebra, calculus, and statistics)
      • Evidence can be in the form of a professional certificate, accredited course, or training through your employer

    Additionally, applicants must have one of the following:

    • Five years of professional or military experience, with demonstrated career progression related to the field of Data Science
    • Graduated from an accredited institution with a graduate-level degree (PhD, MS, etc) in the field of Informatics, Information Science, Computer Science, Engineering, or Statistics

    To apply for the waiver, applicants must first submit his or her online application (e-App). Applicants will then request the GRE Waiver form through the Data Science Graduate Office via email at datasci@indiana.edu. The Data Science Graduate Admissions Committee will review the request, as well as applicants’ supporting materials, during the application review period.

 Document Retention Policy

  • Document Retention Policy

    Any form of documentation or recorded information - regardless of physical characteristics - created, received, recorded, or legally submitted in the course of study becomes the property of Indiana University. This means documentation is non-returnable, forwarded, copied, or released to the student or third party.

    Applicants are discouraged from sending irreplaceable documents and are advised to follow the instructions for verified copies below.

    Make photocopies of your original academic records and send them to your home university. Ask your home university to:

    • Verify that the photocopies are consistent with their records.
    • Attest that the copies are true photocopies and stamp them with an official university stamp.
    • Put the attested, stamped photocopies in sealed envelopes endorsed by the Registrar.
    • Mail the sealed, endorsed envelopes directly to the appropriate graduate office.

    Indiana University requires that university records, as defined herein, regardless of format, be retained for specific periods of time in accordance with legal or other institutional requirements, or for historical value. The university has designated official repositories to manage the retention of these records according to procedures outlined below, wherein documents are securely destroyed after 3 years of the last date of enrollment.

    NOTE: All credentials are retained indefinitely throughout a student's academic career with the Data Science Graduate Office. Excluded from this policy are individuals who reserve the right to request their irreplaceable,original documents be verified upon arrival on campus for same-day verification. Same- day verification is only awarded to those who submit their irreplaceable and official academic records to the Office of International Services (OIS) in-person.

  • Application Materials

    Applications for admission Admission application such as undergraduate, graduate, international, or non-degree/special admittance 1 year after first term of enrollment

    reports/test scores
    Standardized test scores, such as ACT/SAT, LSAT, MCAT, GRE, TOEFL 3 years after graduation
    Letter of Recommendation
    Until admitted
    Placement test records/scores 3 years after graduation
    Test scores (other) 3 years after graduation
    (other colleges)
    3 years after graduation

    University Student Services & Systems <Student Data Retention Guidelines < https://usss.iu.edu/student-data-mgt/data-retention.htlm

  • International Documentation Return Policy

    International documentation is non-returnable, unless deemed irreplaceable. An irreplaceable document is define as:

    “A document that can only be issued once in a lifetime per person by a ministry of education (or other educational authority) or a document where another official copy cannot be obtained.”

    International documentation, as deemed irreplaceable by the Office of International Services (OIS), may be returned after the conferral of the student’s degree or certificate at the sole request of the student; Indiana University will not voluntarily return your documentation upon degree conferral.

    The Data Science Graduate Office will return materials if all of the below is followed:

    • Student has completed all program requirements and a degree or certificate was conferred.
    • Student has submitted the Return of Irreplaceable Documents Request form and "Agreed" to all terms and conditions.
    • Student has provided sufficient evidence of identification in the form of an official photo identification (license) and University Identification Number for in-person pick-up or mail return.

    NOTE: Any documents requested to be returned through mail, will be at the expense of the student. The Data Science Graduate Office is not reliable for any damages that should occur prior, during, or after the delivery of the documents.