Data Science Tuition and Fees

Our accredited Data Science Program is one of the most affordable educations within the Data Science field. No matter what program you choose, it is always important to understand what fees are applied when budgeting for your education. The Office of the Bursar provides a breakdown of cost with IU’s estimated standard cost of attendance.

You may always check rates by selecting the Term (Fall 2018, if provided), Residency (In-State, Out-of-State), Level (Graduate/Professional), Program (Informatics & Computing), and Hours.

Tuition rates are dependent on residency of each admitted student. To determine residency, please follow the Rules Determining Resident and Nonresident Student Status for Indiana University Fee Purposes set by the Office of the Registrar. Final approved rates may differ from the amounts shown and per student enrollment.

The IU Board of Trustees approves all tuition and fees, usually in mid-May of each year. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to change fees without notice. Mandatory fees are assessed to all students based on the number of on-campus credit and/or audit hours. To learn more about applicable fees, please see the Office of the Bursar page here.

NOTE: Students agree to pay the fees associated with their education at the time of registration.

Financial Awards

The Data Science Program has limited funds to distribute, and the number of applicants received as well as the competitiveness of those applicants determines the number of financial awards we are able to offer. None of our aid packages provides full tuition or large stipends. All completed applications reviewed by the Data Science Admissions Committee will be considered for financial aid or fellowship at that time. If you are offered admission, your admit letter will detail the financial award.

University Graduate School Fellowships & Awards

The University Graduate School offers several internal and external Fellowships and awards. The application process and deadlines vary by Fellowship and Award, so be sure to read the requirements carefully. The Data Science Directors will nominate an applicant for these awards. Nominees are determined based on academic and/or professional merit and the strength of a students application.