M.S. in Intelligent Systems Engineering

The future of engineering and technology

Intelligent systems engineering is the future of engineering, and Indiana University is paving the way. Our Master’s in Intelligent Systems Engineering program will prepare you for the engineering of tomorrow.

Our pioneering program teaches students the technical breadth they need, including artificial intelligence and computational engineering. Students with a design-oriented maker mentality will thrive in this program—they can make decisions based on what people want and need and build hands-on experience in bringing solutions to life.

We focus on intelligent, connected systems that are transforming the tech world and changing people’s lives every day—from the tiny sensors that make our devices, homes, and vehicles “smart” to advanced health diagnostics and tissue engineering to the massive systems that analyze the flood of data and drive decision making. We also emphasize artificial intelligence, giving you the background needed in this cutting-edge technology to make you marketable in the workforce.

Students can select from the following tracks:

  • Bioengineering
  • Computer engineering
  • Cyber-physical systems
  • Environmental engineering
  • Molecular and nanoscale engineering
  • Neuroengineering

Students will also guide their degree by deciding how they want to learn: coursework, internship, project, and/or research.

Connect with our faculty members who are changing the world—working to understand cancer cells, improving the security of sensitive information, using data to identify trends, applying sensors to monitor climate change or environmental pollution, making breakthroughs in high performance computing, and more.

This 30-credit program uses the existing strengths of the IU Bloomington campus in science and technology, informatics and computing, biology, chemistry, physics, psychological and brain sciences, environmental science, health, and other fields. Students will learn to incorporate modern information technology approaches and design principles to develop systems or devices that best create a synergy between hardware, software, and the world.

The Master of Science in Intelligent Systems Engineering will prepare you a variety of jobs in an ever-changing workforce. Or, it would serve as excellent preparation for a Ph.D. program.

Contact isegrad@indiana.edu with questions.