Cheminformatics Research

We have a lively and rapidly expanding research program in cheminformatics with an emphasis on multidisciplinary collaboration and tackling the big challenges of cheminformatics. Graduate students have the chance to be actively involved in our research from the start. Research areas include integration of cheminformatics and bioinformatics; cyberinfrastructure, the semantic web, and Web 2.0 for cheminformatics; advanced predictive models, computational toxicology, chemical spaces and data mining. Along with Indiana’s Community Grids Labs, we were recently funded by the NIH to be one of six Exploratory Centers for Cheminformatics Research. For more information on this, visit the ChemBioGrid website. We are also supported by Elil Lilly for the development of aggregative data mining methods for drug disovery. For more information about our research, including recent presentations, see our Cheminformatics Wiki and David Wild’s website.