Proactive Health Informatics

Proactive Health Informatics (ProHealth) investigates technologies to better understand and improve human health.  

Proactive Health Informatics incorporates population-based technologies (such as developing algorithms that utilize new data sources to better predict the spread of disease), patient-facing technologies (such as designing applications for patients so they can better manage and improve their own health), personalized medicine (which combines biology and chemistry to determine the best treatment of an individual patient based on their genome and other factors) and infrastructure technologies (such as privacy-preserving computation and data mining of large amount of health data).  

Proactive Health Informatics brings together faculty in a variety of areas of the school, including HCI/d, Ubiquitous Computing, Complex Systems, Bio-Informatics and Cyberinfrastructure, to tackle one of the most pressing problems society faces today.


Ph.D. in Informatics, Proactive Health Informatics track