B.S. in Informatics and MIS in five years

Focus on strategic information management and leadership.

With our Accelerated Master’s program you can complete both your bachelor’s in Informatics and your Masters of Informatics Science in just five years. One year after you graduate with your B.S., you can also have completed a 36-credit MIS degree right here in SICE.

Juniors - Apply by January 15

Seniors - contact us about options

This is an affordable and efficient way to earn a master’s degree in a way that will offer you potential for promotion and better salaries. The Accelerated Master’s will help you develop knowledge and skills to prepare you for leadership roles in IT professions. It will also help expand your strategic thinking, big-picture abilities, and knowledge of management.

The Accelerate Master’s program in Information Science allows highly-motivated and self-directed students to complete a Bachelor of Science in Informatics and a Master of Information Science in five years from the time of their matriculation into Indiana University. The Accelerated Master’s is a competitive program intended for the most accomplished Informatics undergraduates for whom a masters degree will launch them into their chosen careers in IT leadership, IT business/project analyst, IT consultant, and project manager.


Scholarships to cover the six credits of graduate coursework that you must complete the summer after you graduate with your B.S. degree in Informatics are available.

Courses for the Accelerated Masters in Information Science degree

Students will complete 36 credit hours: 18 credit hours of required MIS Foundation courses and 18 credit hours from a set of required electives that will be selected in consultation with the student’s MIS advisor. Note: Course substitutions may be considered using the Course Waiver Approval Form.

MIS Foundation (18 credit hours)

The courses selected for the MIS Foundation requirements were identified by a content analysis of a set of IT job descriptions onto which MIS courses were mapped. The courses selected cover the majority of the IT skills and knowledge that were most frequently required, including Information Architecture (Z515), Work Practice Analysis (Z556), Web Programming (Z517), and Data Modeling (Z511).

If a student has taken the undergraduate equivalent or a cross-listed version of one or more of these courses, a course substitution procedure will be used to waive the graduate course for the student, allowing him or her to take one or more additional elective courses. This way, double counting is avoided, satisfying the requirement for the completion of the total number of required credits for both degrees.

MIS Electives (18 credit hours) – must be selected from the lists below:

We have included courses that we believe are important for students wanting to possess competency in strategic information management (Z555,Z556), leadership (Z513), entrepreneurship (Z643), and project management (Z512).

1) These courses especially useful for students interested in this path – select 12 credit hours:

Z555     Strategic Intelligence
Z605     Internship (3 or 6 credits)
Z556     Systems Analysis –or- Z513 Organizational Informatics
              (whichever they did not take as a Foundation course)
Z643     Information Industry –or- Z512 Information Systems Design

2) Select an additional six (6) credits of coursework to complete the degree.

Z514     Social Aspects of Information Technology
Z518     Communication in Electronic Environments
Z532     Information Architecture for the Web
Z534     Information Retrieval
Z541     Information Policy
Z542     International Information Issues
Z551      Management for Information Professionals
Z604     Data Analytics and Text Mining
Z636     Semantic Web
Z637     Information Visualization
Z656     Information Technology Standardization

Degree Map – Plan in Consultation with your MIS Advisor

Senior Year:
required sequence
Semester 7
Z510 (3cr.)
Z511 (3 cr.)
Semester 8
Z515 (3cr.)
Z517 (3cr.)
May - Graduation Bachelor Degree
Graduate Year 1
Summer School
Z605 (6 cr.*) or
Z605 (3 cr.) and
Programming Requirement
(3 cr.)
Graduate Year 1
Fall and Spring Semesters
Semester 9
Z516 or Z661 (3 cr.)
Z556 or Z513 (3 cr.)
Z555 or Z643/Z512 (3 cr.)
Semester 10
Z555 or Z643/Z512 (3 cr.)
Two electives (3 cr. each)
May - Graduation MIS Degree Graduation

*Internship (Z605) note: Students with a B.S. Informatics degree will be approved to take up to six credit hours of internship course credit towards their Master of Information Science degree.


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