History of Art and Master of Library Science

New technologies have made art history and fine arts available to people in new, dynamic ways. This dual-degree program—which combines the Master of Library Science and the Master of Arts in History of Art, offered by IU’s Department of Art History —prepares you to connect people with the arts.

You can work in visual arts user services, public library arts divisions, academic library humanities collection planning, art museums, digital collections, and much more. You’ll also earn two degrees in fewer credit hours—and less time—than it would take to earn them separately.

How to Apply

You must apply for admission to—and meet the admission requirements for—both programs. See our program’s information for domestic students and international students.


All ILS degree requirements are listed in the SICE academic bulletin, located at https://bulletins.iu.edu/iub/. To review your specific requirements, choose the bulletin that represents the year you started, or plan to start, your program.

M.A. Requirements

The Department of Art History provides information about the M.A. requirements


Sarah Carter
Assistant Librarian
Art, Architecture and Design Librarian


You will graduate after you finish both degrees—the degrees must be awarded simultaneously.

Tuition Rates

Different Indiana University schools charge different graduate tuition rates. For dual degrees, you will be coded in one of the two schools and pay that school’s tuition rate. To switch to the other school’s tuition rate, contact that department’s recorder as you near the halfway point in your program.

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