Digital Curation Specialization in Master of Information Science

As the volume and velocity of digital information that is produced continues to increase and the types of information continue to vary in format and structure, there is an increasing need for people who are trained to work with this flood of digital information. These people are specialists in digital curation, which involves managing, preserving, adding value, and providing access to digital information assets throughout the information life cycle.

This new Specialization in Digital Curation that is intended to meet this need. People working in this area can be employed in many different types of organizations and settings working with many different types of digital information ranging from scientific data to corporate archives to government and NGO records
The specialization will appear on your transcript.

Requirements (Minimum 36 Credit Hours)

M.I.S. Requirements (18 cr.)

You must also complete the digital literacy requirement.

Specialization Requirements (18 cr.)

Students are required to complete the following courses (15 cr.):

Choose 3 credit hours from the following list of ILS courses:

About the Capstone Project

The Z690 course will facilitate the development of a capstone research project that may take the form of a publishable article, a digital edition or other scholarly resource, research tool, software, performance, exhibition, etc. The capstone project will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the specialization director and two additional faculty members, including at least one member representing the relevant discipline.

Specialization Advisor

Devan Donaldson
Assistant Professor of Information Science