Digital Humanities Specialization in Master of Information Science

Effective Fall 2015

Digital Humanities is a rapidly growing field that combines academic humanities scholarship with the fields of computing and informatics. This specialization will prepare students for careers as 21st century humanities scholars, both in traditional academic positions as professors and librarians, as well as in alternative careers as managers and developers at digital humanities centers and cultural heritage institutions.

Through the Digital Humanities specialization, students will become part of an established team working in digital humanities scholarship here at Indiana University through the School of Informatics and Computing.

Requirements (Minimum of 36 Credit Hours)

In order to complete this specialization, students must have completed a prior master’s level degree in a relevant humanities discipline, or must complete a master’s degree in one of several humanities fields in conjunction with an MIS degree.  The Department of Information and Library Science at SICE offers several dual degree programs through partnerships with the College of Arts and Sciences, the Jacobs School of Music, and the School of Law.  If you are not sure your second degree qualifies, please contact the specialization adviser Dr. John Walsh to discuss your options.   Be sure to submit written or email approval to the ILS Office for your academic record for graduation purposes.

M.I.S. Foundation Requirements (18 cr.)

You must also complete the digital literacy requirement.

Specialization Requirements (18 cr.)

You will need to complete:

About the Capstone Project

The required sequence of Z601 and Z602 will facilitate the development of a capstone research project that may take the form of a publishable article, a digital edition or other scholarly resource, research tool, software, performance, exhibition, etc.

The capstone project is designed to be developed over two semesters (Z601 followed by Z602). With approval of the specialization director, the capstone project may be completed in a single semester with Z601 and Z602 taken concurrently.

The capstone project will be evaluated by a committee consisting of the specialization director and two additional faculty members, including at least one member representing the relevant humanities discipline.

For students in Dual Degree Programs

The M.I.S. degree is a 36-hour degree, but the required ILS hours are reduced to 30 or 33 hours for some dual-degree programs.  The normal adjustment for this Specialization will be in the number of required Electives.  However, depending on requirements for the Dual Degree program – exceptions must be approved in writing with the Specialization Director – and submitted to the ILS Office of graduation recording purposes.

Specialization Advisor

John A. Walsh
Associate Professor of Information and Library Science