Information and Library Science

Make information make a difference.

IU's Information and Library Science programs have been consistently ranked in the top 10 by U.S. News and World Report. As part of the School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering, the Department of Information and Library Science is committed to preparing graduates who understand cutting-edge technology and deploy it effectively. Students take courses and participate in research collaborations in innovative, cross-disciplinary areas that will distinguish them in the job market.

We've been around for more than a half century and have graduated almost 8,000 students in that time. Our alumni are found all across the United States and worldwide.

We offer master's degrees in information science and library science, not to mention an unmatched array of dual/joint degree programs and specializations. Whether your interest is in information architecture, rare books, information policy, digital libraries, data science, information management, or information visualization, this is the place for you. More to the point, we'll show you how these seemingly disparate areas of interest can support each other and lead to diverse career options.

Our degrees include

We also have Certifications, so you can explore the M.I.S., M.L.S., or another degree while updating your knowledge and skills and a Specialist degree, for post-master’s students who want to learn more about an area or prepare for a new career

Our goals are to

  • Prepare socially responsible graduates for fulfilling careers characterized by ethical practice, professional values, analytical skill, leadership, and lifelong learning;
  • Contribute knowledge and advance theory by working from cognitive, social, behavioral, cultural, and technological perspectives; fostering on interdisciplinary collaboration; and cultivating an appreciation for the role of information in society;
  • Serve our students, our state and local constituencies, society, and the library and information science profession; and
  • Model a climate of intellectual engagement, openness, integrity, and respect within the school.

If that appeals, spend some time reading about us. Better still, come join us in Bloomington.