Ph.D. in Information Science

Our Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science trains the next generation of information scientists—the people who will advance the knowledge in this field.

Our students come from all over the United States and world. Most plan to enter academia; our alumni have worked at institutions such as the University of North Carolina, the University of Illinois, Simmons College, UCLA, the University of Hawaii, Kent State University, the University of Alabama, Drexel University, and right here at IU.

Others have worked outside higher education—at NASA Langley Research Center, for example, or Oracle.

First, you’ll earn a respected doctorate from a department that U.S News & World Report ranked one of the nation’s top 10 library and information studies graduate programs. Check out our ILS Ph.D admissions requirements.

Goals and Curriculum

The requirements of our doctoral program are designed to prepare you for research and teaching in academia.

The program’s goals are to:

Upon completion of the program, you should demonstrate the ability to generate original research that meets the scholarly standards of the field. You should also be able to communicate the findings of this work clearly and convincingly, orally and in writing, to other scholars in information and library science and related disciplines.

Learn more in our Ph.D. Handbook.

Ph.D. Minor

We also offer a Ph.D. minor in information science.