2009 Abstracts


Lai Ma: "Information entanglement"

Inna Kouper: "Information and discourse"

Shannon M. Oltmann: "The seven veils of censorship: Motives for restricting information"

HyunSeung Koh: "Active Reading and Annotations."

Tim Bowman: "Goffman's Presentation of self in everyday life in HCI."

Peter H. Hook: "An expert seeding approach to mapping a knowledge domain: Processing over a million citations on a desktop computer to arrive at a co-citation map aggregated to the author level."

M Yasser Chuttur: "Exploring the characteristics of web- based tagging systems and their implications for tagging behavior."

Erjia Yan: "An integrated model for scientific evaluation."

Hui Zhang: "Ambiguity and context-aware query reformulation."

Muhammad Abdul-Mageed: "Sociotechnical mining of Israeli and Lebanese media war blogs."

Lois Scheidt: "Drilling down: A look at the digital ways bloggers tell their stories."


Muhammad Abdul-Mageed: "Now on YouTube: Reception of al Jazeera English on the video sharing social network site."