Financial Aid for the Ph.D. Program

There are a variety of sources of financial aid for doctoral students, including fellowships awarded by the university to outstanding graduate students. ILS also provides support to Ph.D. students in the form of graduate assistantships and other kinds of direct aid. The amount of financial aid available through ILS for doctoral students is limited and varies from year to year. Generally, it is restricted to full-time students and consists of fellowships, scholarships, fee remissions and research assistantships.

Financial aid is used primarily for recruitment purposes. Academic merit is the primary criterion, with economic need being a secondary consideration. Newly admitted students falling into either of these categories are automatically considered for some sort of financial support. Since financial assistance is extremely limited, all international students are expected to come to the university fully funded. International students admitted to the doctoral program are required to submit evidence of financial support for tuition and living expenses adequate to cover the first year of study at Indiana University before the Office of International Admissions will issue the document needed to apply for a visa to enter the United States as a student.


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