Ph.D. Requirements

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Course Requirements for Doctor of Philosophy in Information Science -- Students matriculating after 5 May 2010

Major area (21 cr.)

A minimum of 21 credit hours of coursework in a major area of concentration in information science.

  • Z701 Introduction to Doctoral Research in Information Science (6 cr.)
  • Doctoral research sequence (9 cr.)

A three-course sequence of research seminars:

  • Z702 Research Practicum I (3 cr).
  • Z703 Research Practicum II (3 cr.)
  • Z710 Research in Information Science (3 cr.)

Doctoral seminars in information science (9 cr.)

  • A minimum of three semesters of Z764: Seminar in Information Science is designed to provide an in-depth introduction to a range of topic areas within the domain of information science.

Research skills (9 cr.)

  • The 9 credit hours of research methods and statistics will consist of (a) a basic graduate-level statistics course; (b) either an intermediate graduate statistics course or a graduate course in research design; (c) a third graduate-level course in statistics or a course in research design. Courses in the research skills component must be completed with a grade of B or higher.

Minor area (9-15 cr.)

Minor coursework in an area outside ILS that is related to the student's research interest. The minor advisor must approve the selection of courses in the minor area. Total credit hours for the minor are set by the minor department.

Other courses

Other graduate coursework, generally in areas of information science outside the major area of concentration, as approved by the student's advisory committee. These credits can count toward the required 75 non-dissertation credit hours.

Dissertation credit

Up to 15 credit hours of deferred dissertation credit may be used to complete the required 90 credit hours. Students do not enroll in Z799 until they have completed a minimum of 75 non-dissertation credit hours and successfully defended the qualifying exam.

Residency requirement

The University Graduate School stipulates that a graduate student seeking an advanced degree must be enrolled on the Bloomington (IUB) campus for at least two consecutive semesters in a single academic year.

Credit hour requirement

A minimum of 90 credit hours of coursework is required for the Ph.D. At least 60 of these credit hours must be taken at the Bloomington (IUB) or Indianapolis (IUPUI) campuses of Indiana University.

Outside doctoral minor

A doctoral student must select at least one minor subject area from the areas of graduate study approved by the University Graduate School. Determination of minimum requirements and examination procedures for the outside doctoral minor is at the discretion of the minor department or program.

Minimum grade requirements

A doctoral student must earn a minimum grade of B- for any course that is to be applied toward the doctoral degree. Courses in the research skills component must be completed with a grade of B or higher.

A doctoral student must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 for all doctoral coursework. ILS may terminate the registration of any student whose cumulative grade point average falls below 3.5.